February 12, 2013

My Tootsie Valentine

As I was finally putting away Christmas cards a couple of weeks ago, I pulled out the one from my very crafty sister-in-law. I was admiring/envying her smarts at using her sweet baby’s footprint in the card when I had a brainstorm. Namely that Valentine’s Day is coming up. I’ve sent Valentine’s cards from H to her grandparents on and off. It’s a holiday or “holiday” that comes at a time when you’re fully recovered from Christmas and, in our family, a deluge of January birthdays, but you’re not yet caught up with any other holidays. A lull.

So, Valentine’s Day and feet. Well, if one foot can make a tree, then two feet can make quite a nice heart. One ink pad and a few blank cards later and I had handmade cuteness to send to some of our favorite people.

A couple of tips if you try this yourself: I did all of one foot and then all of the other. Easier to control one ink stained foot as opposed to two. Baby wipes work wonders to get the ink off once you’re done.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all the little feet in your life.

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