March 6, 2012

Baby Shower Favorites

I have been to an amazing number of baby showers over the past three years or so. A few years back it was weddings; now it’s babies.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve found some must-have items that I like to share with new moms for their showers. In case you’re ever stumped trying to find something to buy off the registry, try some of these great items. Just make sure I’m not invited to the same shower.

There are no high-priced gadgets on here. Just simple, little things that you only discover once you’re a parent. These are the sorts of things I love to share with new moms because they are things that often don’t make the registry.

For Mom:

New moms need some lovin’ along with their sweet babies. One sure-fire winner for a mom who plans to breast feed is a nursing cover. These go by the name nursing cover, hooter hiders, or udder covers. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, these are pretty easy to make. I can’t sew to save my life, but my wonderful mom made me one for half the price of buying it in the store. For those of you, like me, who break out into a cold sweat when you hear the words “sewing machine,” sign up for the email list at They have beautiful covers, and better yet, they occasionally send out specials to get free covers! You just pay shipping. I’ve been known to stock up when I get those deals to have them on hand for future showers.

Another great item for breast feeding moms is nursing pads. I personally prefer cloth pads. All disposable pads are lined with plastic, which means they can trap moisture and possibly lead to nasty problems like thrush (a yeast infection on the nipple/baby’s mouth). For the cost of about two boxes of disposable pads you can get enough cloth to last you your whole nursing relationship (for every kid), making it a sound economic investment. These come in cotton, flannel, organic cotton, and I’m sure a few other options. You can get them in the same aisle of Target or BabiesR’Us as the disposable kind. You can also order them from most makers of cloth diapers.

For Baby:
Our shampoo rinse cup is still the best $5 I’ve ever spent. We don't have the exact one pictured, but it's very close. The silly thing is great because the soft plastic front bends to match the baby’s forehead and keeps water from getting in babe’s eyes when you rinse out the shampoo. Changed my life, I tell you! Just make sure you store it upside down so you prevent any nastiness from growing inside.

Infant nightgowns are the best for newborns. The sweeties stay warm, most come with hand covers to prevent them from scratching themselves, and they’re a breeze for those frequent diaper changes. Newborns aren’t really using their legs much, and most of the time they prefer to have them pulled up close anyway. H used to pull her legs out of her PJs all the time. Empty cloth legs flopping around, with the belly filled with her curled up legs. Sometimes these even have snaps to allow them to transform from gown to legs.

Kimono-style t-shirts and onesies are equally wonderful for newborns. These don’t go over the head at all, which is really most comforting for new parents negotiating those floppy necks.

Munchkin Arm & Hammer dirty diaper bags are a God-sent for blow outs. I have friends who would ask, not unjustly, why would you spend money on bags that are meant to hold poop? This is true. But this little gadget is compact and the bags are deodorizing. They saved us several times when we had to break out the emergency outfit after a blow-out ruined H’s outfit. Bad enough you have a ruined outfit; you don't want to smell like it too. You can find it in any baby store.


  1. I think I need to direct my friends to this post for when my second baby arrives in May :)

  2. Hey, this is great article! I am way past the baby stage but I would have loved and used any of these items; the shampoo rinse cups would be good for bathing dogs as well.

  3. Awesome ideas, Jamie. I just switched to cloth breast pads with C, and I don't know what took me so long. I don't use them at night (although 5 month in, I probably could), but I love them for daytime! I will have to get one of those rinse cups. W still hates getting water in his face.

  4. Love this Jamie. I will share this with some friends as well. I love the shampoo rinse cup idea, it's the littlest of things that make a huge difference!

  5. I'm not into the tent-cover-up, but I can see how a new mom might want the security of hiding from wondering eyes. I love the scoopers! And the kimono-style shirts absolutely are gorgeous and easy to get on and off. 'Nuff said about the need for blow-out-baggies. Good choice!

  6. You are a new mom's best friend. Check you out passing along the love. These are all great picks too. Bookmarking this for my expectant friends. Erin

  7. Great list here! I've thought about doing the same thing for Twin mamas - you've inspired me now!

  8. The whole list is great, but, especially yes to those nursing pads and the infant nightgowns! I loved those infant very convenient and ridiculously cute.

  9. Great tips!!!! Bookmarked for any future baby showers :)


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