May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Being someone’s kid (as all of us are), I’ve always celebrated Mother’s Day. And it’s always been about saying thank you. Thank you for the kisses and hugs, the fixing boo boos, the stories, the cookies, and the playtime. Thank you for supporting me and cheering for me. Thank you for proof reading my essays and dropping me off for orchestra rehearsal. Thank you for helping me move, so many times.

Three generations of pretty women.

You buy a card and serve a sometimes barely edible breakfast in bed. You get flowers. When I was in kindergarten we hosted a Mother’s Day breakfast. I made a mom pin. It was a blue “Mom,” and I think my picture was in the “o.” If I go upstairs to my mom’s room, it’s probably in her jewelry box right now. We helped make the food, and I helped make the asparagus rolls. When I very proudly announced my culinary skills to my mom she smiled and yummed over the asparagus rolls. I didn’t find out for years that she kind of hated asparagus.

But now that I am a mom myself, I’ve discovered that there is this whole other secret side of Mother’s Day. You spend the day gazing adoringly at this creature (or creatures) that have made you a mother. And you burst with love and joy and pride. Today I find myself, even more than usual, staring at H and being amazed that I created such a perfect little girl.

I am thankful for her smile. For her words (more of them every day). For her kisses. For her dancing. For the way she runs through the house pumping her arms and shaking her butt, nose wrinkled, smile on her face. She made me a mother, and I could not be more thankful for that.

In a few years I’ll be attending a Mother’s Day breakfast. I’ll receive a pin, or a macaroni necklace, or a hand made card. I’ll munch an asparagus roll. H will be so proud that she is doing something special for her mommy. I will be so proud that my baby is such a happy, smart, beautiful little girl.

So, I think the best Mother’s Day sentiment I can express to my own mom today is to say, “I totally get it now.”

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