November 28, 2010

At the Zoo

After many days of catching up and doing grown up things over Thanksgiving, it was time for some H time. We packed off to the zoo to show H the elephants. Thanks to Mommy, she's been making elephant noises all over the place. She can't actually make the trumpet noise yet, but she puts her lips together and blows big raspberries, which is kind of better if you ask me.


As is my usual practice, the Ergo was in the car. I leave it there so I don't have to worry about always bringing a baby carrier with me. Plus, it's my preferred carrier for the grocery store. Quick and easy with no tails to drag through the parking lot. Because we were out with Grandma and Grandpa and would be doing a lot of walking, I figured: stroller. It's easy to push, and she'd be able to see the animals.

The only other time H has been to the zoo was during International Baby Wearing Week. We used the Ergo, it being baby wearing week. H was up at chest height and had no problem seeing the animals, so it never occurred to me that the stroller might pose problems.

There were of course the usual problems of finding the ramps, which in a public place like a zoo, is not really such a big deal. But what I did not expect was to discover that all the windows for the enclosures would start about two inches above H's stroller-bound head. The zoo is much less interesting if you can't see the animals.

H could actually see the hippos because their plexiglass went to the floor

So, instead of enjoying a stroll, or having the comfort of a carrier, H was carried in arms through most of the zoo. Don't get me wrong, I'm always happy to have an excuse to kiss those cheeks, but this was definitely a lesson learned for me. I was just thankful that we were out with two other adults and it was easy enough to trade off carry duty. For the future, zoos are added to my list of places more easily negotiated via carrier.

H was not so fond of the Komodo Dragon, metal or otherwise

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  1. That is very true! Poor Baby Will has had several similar experiences. I once got so tired of unstrapping and restrapping him into the stroller (because I couldn't wrestle him and keep tabs on Evan by myself) that I started lifting the stroller so he could see the animals! :-) Glad you guys are having fun!!


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